It’s time to get rid of paperwork and queues…

Create your Digital Identity

private, secure and handy

Create your Digital Identity

private, secure and handy

We are looking to create an easier, safe and free future.

You’re the owner of your documents. You’re the owner of your time. You’re the owner of your life. We, in know that, so we are creating this platform in which you can save, order and share your personal documents.

No one -not even us- will be able to access your information without your consent. Everytime you authorize an access, a register in the blockchain is written, which is inalterable, perpetual and auditable.

Plataforma de inicio seguridad Blockchain
Why to choose


Get rid of paperwork! You won’t need to carry documents around to identify yourself at the bank, gym, work or university.



Your data is stored in an encrypted vault only you have access to. Each transaction made is registered in the blockchain.



Regain control of your data! Configure and give access to your personal information on-demand, for as long as you want, to whoever you want.

We all hate paperwork, right?

Identify yourself easy and simple

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